Business Telecoms

Whether you define business telecoms as landlines and mobile phones, or the whole gamut of conventional and digital phone systems, and broadband services, they’re essential for you to do business. Just imagine life without your landline and mobile telecoms. Let’s face it; you wouldn’t have a business for long…

There’s lots to be said for having all your telecoms from one source. Not because it’s good for us, but because it makes sense for you. Have you ever been in the position where your broadband supplier is blaming the phone company for an issue and vice versa? With one provider, it’s so much easier to put things right in the unlikely event of an issue.

Business telecoms are about much more than just fibre broadband cables, choosing a mobile network or selecting a non-geographic number. It’s about the lengths your provider goes to really understand you and your needs and the quality of service, support and peace of mind you enjoy.

And with us, it’s about making sure you never miss a call again too (seriously!).

Let’s talk! At Athena Telecom, we get to know you from the moment you call 0800 138 5386 or email us.

More About Business Telecoms

We don’t do ‘off the shelf’ business telecoms; we never have and we never will. Why would we when you and every other customer has different requirements, aspirations and expectations and we’re set on giving you the most appropriate telecoms solution?

You’ll notice that we repeat this line throughout the site. We make no apology for reiterating that one size most certainly doesn’t fit everyone when it comes to telecoms.

Painstakingly exploring your needs

We’ll never oversell any business telecoms package. What we will do is take time to painstakingly explore your present and future needs to make sure we don’t under-sell you either. It’s important to us that you receive the best possible advice – not the solution that’s most profitable for us!

Looking for a long-term relationship

Best of all, because we’re here for a long-term relationship; we’ll keep looking out for you once your new phone systems and broadband services are operational. We know it costs around five times more to win a new customer than to look after you. So why would we do anything but treat you well once you’re with us?

To that end, we carefully choose, monitor and occasionally change our providers so you get business telecoms you can count on. Surprised? It’s only what our team has done for customers like you since the 1990s.

7 Tips for Choosing Your Business Telecoms Partner

The complexity and sophistication, not to mention fast-changing technology, means that working with a reputable business telecoms partner is the norm for large and small organisations.

With so much at stake if you make wrong decisions about telecoms, how should you choose your telecoms partner? Here are seven tips to help you make a great decision:

1.  What do you want telecoms to do for you?

Understanding what you want to achieve with your telecoms is vital. This means thinking much deeper than ‘we want a phone system and internet’. It’s about auditing your business and thinking hard about where you’ll go in future. It’s about identifying needs and wants, prioritising them and matching them to available services. A reputable telecoms company will be patient and open throughout the process; they won’t rush you and they won’t try to boggle you with buzzwords, acronyms and befuddling data. Instead, you expect them to clearly and unambiguously explain your options and put a robust case for recommending one solution over another.

2.  What support is included?

This is another important question. Ask prospective suppliers how they’d handle specific kinds of support requirement. Look for consistency of approach in their answers, and levels of support that match your requirements. Under-specification of support can cause businesses problems for obvious reasons, while over-specification can put pressure on budgets for small, or relatively unsophisticated telecoms users. The best telecoms companies will listen carefully to your requirements, ask plenty of probing questions, and present solutions for where you are today and where you’re going tomorrow.

3.  Ask for recent testimonials.

Again, look for openness and willingness to let you choose a couple of similar accounts to talk to. Dig deeper than the basic online testimonial featured on the telecoms company’s website. Talk to a couple of clients and don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions. Be fair too: everyone has little problems and glitches occasionally; what’s really important is how your prospective supplier managed them.

4.  Visit them!

Business telecoms are too important to just sign-up over the phone or through a Contact page. You’re about to put your supplier, customer and partner communications in the hands of a third party. If possible, even if it means a cross-country trip from the East Midlands to Gloucestershire, or up the M5 from South West England, visit their offices. Allow plenty of time, expect a warm, patient welcome and look for openness and honesty in their answers to your questions.

Ask the company to talk you through their work for similar clients, present their packages and make sure they demonstrate utilities such as online administration portals. You are being offered a customisable online portal, aren’t you?

5.  Look for transparency in call packages

Make sure you understand exactly what is included in your call packages; in particular, ask specifically about extras that your telecoms provider may add, or products and services that you will pay for but are unlikely to use. You will quickly ascertain whether a provider is being open and honest about their packages, which leads nicely to tip number six.

6.  Trust your intuition

It’s easy to knock intuition and dismiss it as something rather ‘woo-woo’ and ‘Californian’, but time after time in business, if we’re honest, we can look back and realise that we should have listened to our powerful inner voice. The secret, and the challenge, is to tune in to this and act on it. If you feel uncomfortable about something, at very least ask yourself why and probe deeper. The same applies to choosing a telecom company and package as well as other aspects of business. Get the facts; meet the organisation; then trust your intuition and choose your service.

7.  And finally...

Don’t automatically go with the biggest or cheapest businesses. The telecom leviathans will say there’s strength in size; and the cut-throat providers will say they can give you the earth for a pittance.

You’re smarter than that, which is why you don’t need us to tell you that the telecoms market has evolved and changed out of all recognition. Today’s smaller suppliers often offer the service and responsiveness that big corporates struggle with (especially for SME customers like you). What’s more, specialist telecoms companies are almost certainly using the BT network anyway, so you’re actually getting the best of both worlds.

You get what you pay for

As for price, the old adage of ‘you get what you pay for’ applies in telecoms as much as elsewhere. The big test comes when something goes wrong with the telecoms infrastructure and you rely on your provider to put things right for you...

What's My Next Step?

It’s time to find a business telecoms company with friendly, knowledgeable people and a proven track-record in phone systems and broadband services. That way, you can be sure they've got the required experience. Look for a partner with the skills, knowledge, experience and industry contacts to give you an effective, reliable, low-maintenance business telecoms service. In short, trust your intuition again and please call us. It’s always great to talk telecoms.

Let’s talk! You harness the strength of Athena the moment you call 0800 138 5386 or email us.



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